FAA Repair Station: J88R907Y
EASA Approval: EASA.145.5448

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24480 N. 20th Dr.
Phoenix, AZ 85085 USA
623-376-9148 (Phone)
623-376-9157 (Fax)


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Special and Proprietary Repairs

Often, repair stations will scrap their customers' valuable parts and replace them with new OEM parts - at their customers' expense.  At Jet Transport Actuators LLC, we believe that select components can be successfully repaired and returned to service when they require repairs outside of the Original Equipment Manufacturer's (OEM) Component Maintenance or Overhaul Manual.  

Many times, just minor repairs are needed in order to save an expensive part.  We work closely with our FAA Designated Engineering Representatives (DER) and FAA's Aircraft Certification Office (ACO) to develop proprietary repairs that are approved by the FAA.  By incorporating repairs to select parts, we can often save our customers hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars compared with the cost of the same part in new condition.

These proprietary repairs are available to you, our valued customer.  We are keenly interested in increasing your bottom line, while supporting your maintenance needs with the highest quality parts.

This master gear set is over $10,000.00 new from the OEM.  Our FAA approved repaired and overhauled gear set costs a fraction of the price of a new gear set.  Our set has the quality of a new set, and will save you thousands of dollars.
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